Sunday, 13 December 2015

Snapchat trophies update

You have seen new update. Now there is a trophies you need to unlock.

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Thursday, 9 February 2012

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Sunday, 22 January 2012

What do you know about the facebook emoticons?

As we know that facebook now is one of the highly spotted facilities for social networking. And people over the world use facebook to communicate to each other. To get good result, some one uses that widen their opportunities for the infinite expressiveness of words through the net. So, what are facebook emoticons?

Facebook Emoticons are pictorial representation of human expressions of current moods. They are formed by a combination of letters and punctuations. Many web forums are regularly updating these emotions with moving images and sounds. We can get easy and active communication through the net by using emoticons. There are three kinds of facebook emoticons: happy faces, sad faces and winking faces. In these the first is the most common and popular. It indicates the happy mood of the writer at situations where a smile face is necessary.

Do you know anything about the meaning of facebook emoticons? The fact that their meanings depend on the situation of delivery. By using them, you can show your feelings such as happy, sad or angry, ect to particular situations. That makes your friends easy to recognize what you are thinking. Facebook Emoticons will give you with everything you want to show your feelings any way you like on the Internet.

Facebook Emoticons are very useful, almost a necessity, in online conversation, but there are something you should notice when using them. First, using too much can be annoying to other people in communication. And only use them to your messages only represent the best emotion you really want to show.

In conclusion,facebook emoticons play an important part in communicating. They are innovative ideas that open the ways for smarter communication. Social networking now is used widely with facebook emoticons What about you? Try to use and see their effect to you?

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Friday, 3 July 2009

How to worm a cat

The cat has to have a few tablets or some paste, and it is your job to administer these somehow, persuade her to take it, and there's the problem.
They say there are cats with whom this is no problem at all, but I have yet to meet one of them.
Normal procedure is usually: The vet gives the cat the first tablet. Opens her mouth, in goes the tablet, a little massage of the neck, that's it.

You get her home, and here your problems start, even with the simple job of opening her mouth. Somehow you manage to manoeuvre the tablet in. Shut the mouth, massage neck - that's it... You think. Only moments later the sticky, melting tablet is lying on the floor.
All right, try the method " Pill in a ball of liverpatè "
Bang on: she takes it without problems. But then what's that? The pill is back, together with a bit of liverpatè. You hardly dare to touch it, but don't be tempted to take a fresh one, that's what Moggy is waiting for. Soon there will be none left, and she has won.
Now then, break the pill up, and mix it in with some fresh food. That would be fine if there was not the old food from the day before, which all of a sudden seems to have become most attractive to Moggy.
In fact she is now eying you up with this look that says: "Why do you do this to me?"
Your conscience is urging you: 'Is this really necessary? She never has had worms. This is animal abuse, the way I am going on about it must be sheer torture for the poor thing.'
Don't give in to these thoughts!!

Be stern, away goes the old food, only offer the food with the hidden pill.
Let her starve.
And then Moggy pulls all the tricks of the trade. Accusing looks, the 'silent meow' (an extremely effective method), softly sneaking around your legs, or just sit in front of this food for hours.
Rarely have you seen your Sweety suffering so badly, than in these moments where her food has become unpalatable due to this tablet.
There is only one solution: back to the vet. Mouth open, neck massaged.
It's easy - there's nothing to it.

Thursday, 28 May 2009